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Billie Jo


Grand Saline, TX


Tell Us About You

I am a 30 year old singer/songwriter- I was raised by my grandparents and I grew up singing in church and local oprys/events since I was 9 years old. I have been performing, doing acoustic/full band gigs for the last 7 years. I know that I have what it takes if I can just find the right person to hear me that can help take me to the next level. I have the experience, and I have grown so much as an artist and improved quite a bit within the last few years. I push myself daily and the drive comes from my grandparents/my 4 kids and 3 step kids/my amazing supportive husband and my best friend/nanny of my kiddos. I want them to see their mom following her dreams and never giving up on something that she has worked so hard for because I truly do love singing and sharing the voice that God gave me! I am determined to make it one day. I know God didn’t give me this voice to just be singing at little venues around town- I know He has much bigger things in store for my career and it’s all in HIS timing.

How are you getting heard?

I have a couple songs out on all of the streaming platforms- My husband I are constantly writing venues to book gigs, emailing my songs to radio stations for them to add to their rotation and Jerry Lembo released my current single out and promoted it called “Simpler Way Of Life” which is now at #52 on the Texas Country Music Charts.

What's in your head?

I am constantly thinking about how I can add more to my shows, learn new songs, write more songs and better myself as a person/performer. I have gigs every weekend and I am always pushing for the next big thing! For those of you who thought or might still think that I can’t do this because I have kiddos, well just look at the Queen Of Country Miss Loretta Lynn. 🙂 I have an amazing support system and I get to be with my kids during the week and have shows on the weekends and sometimes even bring the kiddos along for a little weekend vacation while having shows.

What's the latest?

Currently I am getting ready to release a brand new single that I co-wrote (through FACETIME, during quarantine) called “Forever Came Today” with Tammy Marler and Bryan Jeffries. I am not one to brag about myself BUT this song it absolutely amazing and means so much to us. We cannot wait to release this song and get it out there for the WORLD to hear because I feel like a lot of people are going to be able to relate to this song. My ultimate goal is to just keep doing what I love, helping others in their careers and being a role model to kiddos who want to pursue their dream of singing when they grow up! I am just hoping and praying for my “big break” in this music scene and maybe- JUST MAYBE Interstate Music will be that for me! Thank y’all so much for this amazing opportunity!

My advice for anyone trying to break in the industry? Get a website, write and record your own songs, play anywhere you can and never let money keep you from taking a gig. You just never know who could be there that could help you.