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Deniece Williams

4x Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

Gary, IN



Tell Us About You

I am classically trained in Voice & Piano. I started taking lessons at age 10.
I am a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts. I’ve learned to sing in 6 different languages (Italian, Afro cuban, French, English, German and Arabic).
The mic that I used to record my album was the “Vintage Neumann U 87.”
Live instrumentation is my sound.


How are you getting heard?

I am getting my music heard by making it available on every platform where you can find music, continuing to plug on every platform, tell everyone about my music, and continuing to put out quality content.


What's in your head?

Life in itself is so inspiring. I am inspired by my parents who worked hard to provide the best life for their five (5) children. I am inspired by people that persevere through tough times and have stories that inspire people to believe that they can overcome anything as well. I am also really inspired by great female athletes (Serena Williams, Elena Donne, Dalilah Muhummad, and so many more).


What's the latest?

“Good Times” is the feel-good follow-up to this summer’s elegiac and poignant “Keep On”. This time, however, Art takes an inspiring romp through funk’s groovy closet – and she is wearing all the costumes and firing on all cylinders on this one! The Washington, D.C. native delivers a vocal (and a vocal arrangement) masterclass via a warm mix that beats hard on the drum of optimism and hope for listeners all around the world. It’s a sonic shot in the arm for all those dealing with stress and uncertainty in these uncertain Covid-19 times.

My advice for anyone trying to break in the industry? Get a website, write and record your own songs, play anywhere you can and never let money keep you from taking a gig. You just never know who could be there that could help you.