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Ethon Dorrity

Solo Artist of Studio Impact

Ogden, UT


Tell Us About You

My passion for music started with the piano, when I was in middle school I started playing the piano at a collegiate level. I then started to find passion for other instruments as I joined my middle school band. I learned the drums and competed on a national level at 16 years old. As I got more into it I decided I wanted to start recording music. I would hear a song that I really like, separate all of the tracks in my head, and I yearned to record it. If I didn’t know how to play the instruments, I would save up and buy the instrument and get the necessary lessons and such to learn that instrument. I got to a point where I have learned all of the instruments necessary to record an entire orchestra myself. When I was a young kid I heard Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Sarajevo” and I loved it. I have always wanted to record it, now as a 20 year old saving up for all of the instruments and lessons I needed, I was finally able to make that dream a reality, and I am just getting started. Music is my identity, it is who I am, it is what I will always stick with.

How are you getting heard?

I am doing my very best to record good songs, as well as my own compositions, and make an entertaining video to go along with it. I use my marketing and graphic design knowledge that I use at my day job to market it as well as I can, but it can sometimes seem I am shouting in the dark. It is my hope that as I continue to produce good quality music and video, that my music will be heard in the future.

What's in your head?

In the tens of thousands of hours I have spent working on my music, it does seem discouraging at times to see what success I have, but I am driven to a point where I literally cannot stop, if I never see an ounce of success in my life I will never stop, because of how much I love to play, compose, and record music. It never leaves my head, ever. I am always composing, its a switch that cannot be turned off, (just ask my co-workers) it is the very driving force of my core.

What's the latest?

My hope is for everyone to enjoy the music that I love to create, and to be able to do it full-time. I want to be able to produce as much music in my lifetime as I possibly can, and I want everyone to enjoy it as much as they possibly can. I hope for someone to see my music the way I see it, and give it the time of day, and to be inspired by it to create their own music. I am part of an upcoming generation of musicians, and we are the ones to leave a legacy behind us, I want that legacy to be an unforgettable one, one that no one will ever forget. I want to be a part of that legacy, to show the world what I am capable of. My hope is to accomplish what has never been done before, and in the process, inspire others to do things that have never been done, and have that cycle continue. To wrap it all up, my biggest hope, is to inspire.

My advice for anyone trying to break in the industry? Get a website, write and record your own songs, play anywhere you can and never let money keep you from taking a gig. You just never know who could be there that could help you.