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Tink Bennett & Tailor Made

Hot Country and Classic Rock Band

New York, NY


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Tink Bennett

Lead Vocalist & Guitarist

Tell Us About You

What has always driven me in my musical career is the energy and reaction to a live crowd at the shows! When you see people singing along to your original music and having a great time, there is no better feeling! All of the hard work, practice and rigors of live gigs fade to the background when the band kicks in, and the band is tight and cooking!

What's in your head?

Our goal is simple: Give the people at a show more than just great music! Give them an entertainment experience! We are known for not only having great musicians and a great sound but connecting and entertaining a crowd with the same energy for 50 people as we would have for big shows with thousands of people!

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Billy Golicki

Lead Vocalist & Bassist

Tell Us About You

The awesome feeling of being on a tight knit team! This band has great camaraderie and together there is nothing better than performing live for our fans!

What's in your head?

For me, being in the pocket and syncing with our drummer Chris is the best way to get people rocking with the band so that is what is ion my head during performances.

Derek Gasque​ Profile Image

Derek Gasque

Keyboardist & Vocalist

Tell Us About You

I am highly motivated to provide the best quality high energy musical and visual entertainment possible to Tailor Made fans of all ages as well as exposing future fans to High Energy Entertainment.

What's in your head?

I am committed to maximizing my talent, skills and passion for providing and delivering quality high energy and visually exciting musical performances. Our established and future fans deserve the very best.

Chris Harris Profile Image

Chris Harris

Drummer & Vocalist

Tell Us About You

What drives me is performing live for an audience and seeing their reactions as one of our songs is performed and you can tell they are really into it. Not only does it get me into being more energetic on stage but it also strives me to put in the time and effort at learning new material and rehearsing to bring the band to its full potential.

What's in your head?

Give people the whole Tailor Made experience. Not only just provide them a few hours of music but to bring to them the High Energy experience that is Tailor Made. This what Tailor Made is all about.


How are you getting heard?​

Tailor Made performs about 60-70 times per year under normal circumstances, so we get heard at many live venues! We are very fortunate to have casino, corporate and private clients that keep us working! We also get heard on iTunes, Amazon Music, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Tidal, N1M internet music and many more online sources!

What's the latest?

Tailor Made has already enjoyed a tremendously long run in our region with thousands of loyal fans! We want to keep making great music and translating that into our live shows at quality venues! We are realistic and at the same time hopeful that we could get always to the next level of entertaining and making a living doing what we all love to do! We have a great on stage AND off-stage team that work together to consistently present a great product and we always are trying ways to make it better.

My advice for anyone trying to break in the industry? Get a website, write and record your own songs, play anywhere you can and never let money keep you from taking a gig. You just never know who could be there that could help you.