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Tell Us About You

Tragic started as a studio project. I have played in quite a few bands before and always loved the studio aspect of it. At this point, what drives me to most is to put out the best production I can. I have invested in a lot of equipment and time learning to sound engineer so I could put out my own album. I am lucky to have other musicians that wanted to be apart of my project and push us further in the studio. One thing I think every musician can relate to is getting their music out to their fans.

- Josh​

How are you getting heard?​

We are using the typical platforms of Facebook and Instagram to get out there. Just starting to dive into Tik Tok and learn the marketing potential there. We have invested in our own website through Bandzoogle which is an excellent “one-stop shop” to send our fans to. There are tour updates, videos, and merchandise we place on there. We are slowly working on our YouTube page which if done correctly can really help your outreach. Our project was just getting to the touring stage when Covid hit, so we are working on setting tours up in 2021 to pick up some fans at our shows as well!

- Andrew

What's in your head?

Lots of things, haha. It has been a crazy year. We haven’t had the opportunity to get on stage much as a band in 2020 which has been a bummer, but we’ve been able to really dig into the studio and perfect our sound. We all have been working on getting some videos done and getting our rig ready for touring when it opens back up. We met a couple of great people early on that wanted to help with videography and graphics for us which has helped us a ton. Really wondering how the music industry is going to be going forward. A lot of live streamed shows are popping up and becoming popular. Artists are finding creative ways to connect with fans. It’s an interesting time we are in.

- Jeremiah

What's the latest?

We are at the final stages of releasing our EP. It’s been a long process, but it’s been very nice to go at our own pace and record in our own studio. Without being busy touring, we’ve been writing and recording as much as we can. We are starting to do some cover songs with music videos to accompany them to hopefully gain some more visibility. Going to be uploading a lot more on YouTube and Tik Tok. We hope there will be concerts again soon (safely) and start playing shows! We also have a new guitarist (Jay Quinn) that just joined which we are very fortunate to have. He brings a different element to our sound which will be great when we start writing our next album.

- Josh, Andrew & Jeremiah

My advice for anyone trying to break in the industry? Get a website, write and record your own songs, play anywhere you can and never let money keep you from taking a gig. You just never know who could be there that could help you.